Willow Property Management Limited


Welcome to Willow Property Management Website

Willow Property Management Ltd is owned  and run by Rachel Jones.

The company is based at offices at 11 High Street, South Elkington, Lincs, LN11 0RZ

We aim to deliver a very competitive Property Management service ranging from our find a tenant service, through to full property management as well as building up a database of suitable tenants for our properties.

What makes us distinctive in the market, we believe, is the fact that we will be available 24/7 on a mobile phone number to take any urgent enquiries such as emergency repairs and this will enable us to make the property safe for the tenant initially until we can get professional help in the next working day, unless we can or need to arrange it sooner than that.


Our contact details are:

Willow Property Management Limited

11 High Street

South Elkington

Lincs, LN11 0RZ

Tel: 07990 639805 (24 hours)

Email: willowproperty@yahoo.co.uk

Company Number: 08364459